Where to stay in Amsterdam: guide to the 5 best neiborhoods

Amsterdam is beautiful. A city that usually generates a strange feeling that makes one feel as if they belong there. You know how it is? That desire to live there, instead of just visiting? Well, it happened with me – and it’s quite likely that it happens to you too. In order to have the best accommodation possible while in the city, it’s vital to properly choose the place where you will stay. Let’s see some accommodation tips for Amsterdam, from the cheapest areas to the fancier ones.


Where to stay in Amsterdam: the best neighborhoods

  • Jordaan


Those who nowadays pass through Jordaan are unlikely to understand that the neighborhood used to be the home for the workers who participated in the construction of the city canals. It was a proletariat neighborhood for centuries, however, nowadays, Jordan is the house of many artists and students, who gave a new look to this part of the city. It’s a good choice for those who value a good location, in a beautiful and pleasant area that is not very busy. Anne Frank and Rembrandt, the painter, were two of the prominent residents of this neighborhood. In fact, the house where Anne Frank was hiding with her family became a museum that attracts thousands of tourists to Jordaan.

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  • Rembrantplein

On the subject of Rembrandt, what about staying at a plein – or square, in Dutch – dedicated to the painter? He had a house in this region, where he lived between 1639 and 1656. That square is very popular among tourists and those who live in the city. There you will get the chance to see coffees, bars, restaurants and many accommodation options. Cinemas, nightclubs and pubs are also predominant in that area, which helps making Amsterdam famous as a great city to enjoy the nightlife.

If you want a lively nightlife (and want to be near it), Rembrantplein can perfectly be the place you are looking for in Amsterdam. Avoid staying there if you are looking for a quiet place or if you don’t want to stay at a very touristic area.

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  • Leidseplein

Another option for those who are looking for nightlife, is Leidseplein. That area also has many bars and nightclubs, besides coffeeshops, the famous public places in Netherlands that sell weed. Some of the most important touristic points of the city are also near that area, such as the Museum Square and Voldelpark.

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  • Museumplein

The Museum Square (or Museumplein, as the Dutch would say) also needs to be on this list. In this area, you will find many options for accommodation, including cheaper options. There are also options for those who are not backpackers, of course.

As the name suggests, you can find some of the most famous museums of Amsterdam around that square: Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk. In other words, it is a great accommodation option for museum lovers who want to spend many hours visiting them.

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  • De Pijp

Two famous Amsterdam attractions are located on this neighborhood: the Heineken Experience, which is a kind of interactive museum that functions in the old brewery of the brand; and Albert Cuyp. If you never heard that name, you should know that it is one of the biggest open-air markets in Europe. The name is an homage to a painter who lived in Amsterdam during the 17th century. Besides the street market, where you can find all kinds of products, De Pijp is also a cosmopolitan area, since many immigrants live there. It will also be quite easy to find restaurants and bars in that part of the city.

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Hotels in Amsterdam: other options

  • House Boat Accommodation


Think with me: canals are the best postal cards of the city. The only thing that can be better than staying near a canal, is staying in a canal! House-boats are traditional in Amsterdam, and people live inside those since the 17th century. Currently, there are 2.500 house boats in the city, and each one is more beautiful than the other. Logically, that’s not the cheapest option for accommodation, but it would certainly make the trip unforgettable. Do you have spare money to invest? Stay at a house boat! The experience can make the price worth it.

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This list doesn’t pretend to be definite. Surely there are many accommodation options in Amsterdam that are quite cool, but were not listed above. Generally, the only city area I would avoid is near the train station. The reasons are obvious: train stations and bus stations are not he best place of any city, usually ugly and a bit dirty.

Written by Wheretostay