Where to stay in Budapeste: guide of the 4 best districts

Budapest is certainly one of the most beautiful cities I had the pleasure to visit. It is also one of the coolest ones, with a lively atmosphere and prices that will make a money grubber smile. If you are planning a trip to the sensational capital of Hungary, I’ve got some tips for you, which will help you choosing the best neighborhood for your accommodation.

Nevertheless, for starters, let’s learn the basics.

Buda x Pest


Probably, most people know that Buda and Pest were, for a long time, two distinct cities, separated by the Danube River. Only in 1873 both cities unified their territories with also Ôbuda, which is the old part of Buda, once a Celtic settlement.

Nowadays, Buda, which is on the right side of Danubio is more like a residential area, where most of the green areas of the city are located. The touristic points in that side are all over the Buda Castle area, which includes museums, churches, and amazing places to look at the river and Pest.

On the Pest side is where the magic happens: all the big hotels and hostels, pubs, restaurants, touristic attractions like the white Parliament buildings, the Opera and the Cathedral.

Now that the presentations are over, let’s learn about the best accommodation options for Budapeste.

Where to stay in Budapest: best neighborhoods on Pest Side

  • Erzsébetváros

Erzsébetváros is the old Jewish neighborhood. In the end of the Second World War, ghettos were stablished there. Nowadays, the neighborhood is still important for the Jewish population of Budapest, with it huge Synagog. At the same time, it’s where that the famous ruin pubs are and the place to enjoy Budapest’s lively nightlife.

In other words, it’s the best place to look for accommodation if you want to stay near the heart of the nightlife. It is also an area where you are more likely to find budget options, including many hostels.

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  • Belváros e Lipótváros

For those who prefer to stay closer to the river and the incredible view over Budapest, Belváros and Lipóvtáros, are the best districts. Those are right in the center of Budapest, where you can find the most beautiful buildings, the famous commercial streets, and also the Parliament, as well as other important buildings.


Naturally, there is a big offer of restaurants, bars and hotels and the prices vary widely. There, you can also access any other area of the city, either walking or using the public transport system. This area is always busy, no matter if it is early morning or late night.

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  • Terézváros

On Pest side, Terézváros district is defined as having the most beautiful street of the whole city, the famous Andrássy út, which connects the city center to the Heroes Square. It is an elegant avenue, a part of it’s classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. It’s also where the most luxurious international stores and the Budapest Opera are located.

The accommodation prices are higher in this area.

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Where to stay on Buda Side: Castle District

It is unlikely that you will be able to find a hotel in the Buda side that is not on the Castle District, which is the touristic area. There, the streets are beautiful and its history goes back to the 13th century. All this area is located on the top of a hill, near Danube, thus having amazing sights. Going from Buda to Pest is easy, either it is walking or using the public transport system. However, you should not expect finding many inexpensive accommodation options.

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Hotels  in Budapest: other options

In this post, I’ve suggested the most central neighborhoods of Budapest but the city is relatively big, so if you couldn’t find what you want, you can check all the city accommodation options. 


Written by Wheretostay