Where to stay in Lisbon: an insider neighborhood guide

Do you want to know where to stay in Lisbon? The city is probably one of the cheapest capitals of the euro zone. An economical traveler can get around for less than 50 euros per day. Luxury tourists can boast and spend only a fraction of what they would spend in Paris. Since lodging is the key to any budget, it is important to find a place that fits your pocket and your travel style. See below some neighborhood options and know where to stay in Lisbon.

Where to stay in Lisbon: City center areas

The center is by far the best lodging option in Lisbon, as well as the region with the largest number of hotels in the Portuguese capital. The place receives thousands of tourists with the most varied budgets, who seek to be right in the middle of the buzz of the city. It does not matter if you are a five-star traveler or a backpacker who sells lunch to buy dinner. The center has a place for you.

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The historical center is divided into several smaller neighborhoods. We list some of them below:


It is the most central region of the city. Staying in Rossio you will be close to the main highlights, nightlife and also Rossio Station, from where trains leave for Sintra, a day trip common among travelers in Lisbon. The Rossio is also serviced by the green line of the subway.

Accommodation in Rossio has a wide range of prices. It is possible to find from beds in dormitories to 10 euros to 5 star hotels.

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Chiado and Bairro Alto

With narrow stone streets, historic houses and buildings, bustling nightlife, typical restaurants and local shops, this region is, next to Alfama, one of the best places to feel the traditional Lisbon. Chiado and Bairro Alto are neighboring neighborhoods, separated by Praça Luís de Camões. The first is busier and bohemian and the second has more dining options. But do not worry: you can easily move from one to the other with a short walk. The region is also full of fado houses, museums, cafes and theaters and shops.

The Chiado is usually the favorite region of tourists who seek accommodation in Lisbon. There you are close to everything and walk through the historic center on foot, if you have the breath and the disposition.

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Alfama and Castelo

Alfama is full of history and tradition. The labyrinthine alleys and charming alleys, the steps, the popular houses, windows and balconies with clothes drying on the clothesline. This was the region that most enchanted me during my trip to Lisbon. It has an air of inner city where time does not exist and all traditions are still alive and are part of people’s lives. It is common that there are fairs and popular parties through the streets of this neighborhood.

In the Alfama are some of the most traditional houses of Fado of Lisbon. If you’re lucky, you’ll hear even people chanting in the middle of the streets. The neighborhood is also the home of the Mirante Santa Luzia, one of the most famous in the city, and Sé Cathedral.

The location is a bit worse than Chiado, but I went and came back from Alfama on foot. The neighborhood, incidentally, is fit to be explored on a hike. The narrow streets make it difficult – in some places, impossible – to circulate vehicles.

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Have you thought about staying near a medieval castle in one of the oldest districts of Lisbon? Beside the Alfama, the Castle is considered the cradle of the city. The streets of the region are very narrow and the houses still preserve much of the medieval architecture, with coats of arms nailed to the doors. All this crowned by the Castle of St. George.

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Neighborhoods outside the center


There are some of the city’s major attractions, such as the Belém Tower or the Jeronimos Monastery. The neighborhood is beautiful and very quiet. Despite this, think twice before picking up a lodging there because you will be isolated from the attractions of the center. Only recommend for those who already know Lisbon and plan a more relaxed trip, without wandering around tourist spots or nights of bars.

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Parque das Nações

Another area away from the center, Parque das Nações is full of green areas and more modern buildings. Many network hotels are around. It is a good option for those who want quick access to the airport, Oriente Station, or business travelers. The area is pleasant and also has good options of cafes, restaurants and bars open until dawn.

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Where to stay in Lisbon: Other regions

If none of the regions mentioned in the post are good, do your own research on Booking.com. See the map of the city and find your hotel:


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