Where to stay in Rome: a guide to the 5 best neighborhoods

When deciding where to stay in Rome, it is crucial to make smart choices. That’s because few cities have so much potential to cause foot blisters like this one. The capital of Italy even has a subway, but there are few lines. So we have to walk. Therefore, it is very important to think about the region of the city that has more to do with you when planning the trip. To help you with this task, we separated some tips on where to stay in Rome, neighborhood to neighborhood.

view of rome city center

Where to stay in Rome

1. Termini Station

Do not be surprised if someone tells you that the best area to stay in Rome is near Termini Station. The advantages of this region are: 1) it is near to the main subway station and trains of the city. And 2) offers some of the most economical lodging options.

Disadvantages? It is not a beautiful neighborhood, which can disrupt your first impression of the city. It is also not near the main highlights, although it is possible to walk to them. Termini is a good option if you really need to save money and will use the subway a lot. If you have a little more money, it is better to stay in other regions.

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2. Trastevere

The Trastevere, is a little far from the highlights and the travellers busy locations. Trastevere is very frequented by Romans, especially during the nights. It is a beautiful and pleasant place, ideal also for those who want a more peaceful stay.

In any city in the world, choose your hotel by following two basic guidelines: either near the tourist attractions, which you will visit during the day or near the bars and restaurants where you will spend the night. The Trastevere fits the second option. Those who stay there have to take public transportation to circulate during the day, but will return to the hotel on foot after the bar.

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3. Historical Center

Staying in the historic center is never a bad idea, especially in a city like Rome. There, choosing a hotel in this region means being close to places like the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona and Piazza di Spagna. Anyway, great location. It is logical that the prices of lodging accompany this comfort. In addition, this region should concentrate the largest amount of tourists per square meter of the city. I would stay in the historic center easily as long as my travel budget was not too tight.

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4. San Giovanni

Another option of where to stay in Rome is that it is close to the center but in a somewhat more residential area. The neighborhood is served by a subway station (San Giovanni) and is relatively close to the Colosseum, which is just over a kilometer walk. In this region you will also find restaurants and tourists, of course, although the tourists are in smaller numbers than in the Historical Center.

The major tourist attraction you will find in this neighborhood is the Basilica of St. John of the Lateran, which is the Official Cathedral of the Bishop of Rome, Pope Francis. Therefore, this temple is of fundamental importance to the Catholic faith, comparable to that of St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican.

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5. Monti and areas around the Colosseum


Colosseum, the ultimate symbol of the Roman Empire. Staying close to it is not a bad idea. Among the regions around the Coliseum stands Monti, considered the coolest neighborhood in Rome. Monti follows the Trastevere recipe a bit: fewer tourists, nice bars, interesting restaurants. All this with the advantage of being close to the Colosseum, as well as the San Giovanni neighborhood, quoted above.

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Where to stay in Rome: other regions

Of course there are other nice regions in the city and even outside. If you’ve ever been to the city before or need to save money on lodging without losing comfort, the best tip is to seek out where to stay in Rome in out-of-center neighborhoods like Rome Aurelia, where our staff has stayed twice in hotels of 3 or 4 star priced comrades. In these more residential regions usually have more options of apartments and guesthouses of good quality, with a much more inviting price than in the center. From here you can take buses to the most central areas or also take advantage of the train stations along Rome, which in a few minutes leave in Termini. Check the map of Rome below:

Written by Wheretostay