Where to stay in Vienna: the best districts

Vienna is an imperial city: it inspires beauty and glamour and has one of the best life quality indicators of the whole world. Thus, isn’t a cheap city and, consequently, it is only natural that you find yourself full of doubts when the moment comes to choose where to stay in Vienna. In this post, I’ve selected the main districts in order to help you choosing an option that adequately matches your travel.

The first tip regarding accommodation is about the city map: Vienna was built inside an area that is encircled by a boulevard, called Ringstrasse, which is inside the city walls – those were destroyed in the 19th century. It is in that central area that you will be able to find the most spectacular buildings and the most sophisticate streets of the city.

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Note that the other areas of the city are just as beautiful and organized and if you stay in the districts numbered from 1 to 7, you will still be in a very good location. Besides, independently of where you choose to stay in Vienna, you should know that the public transport – which includes the subway, tramway, train, and bus – covers almost the whole city (the ticket price for a single trip is 2,20€, a daily ticket costs 7,60€, and a weekly ticket is worth 16,20€).

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streets in Vienna, Austria

Where to stay in Vienna: the best districts

Innere Stadt – District 1

The Boulevard Ring encircles the whole center of Vienna and it is in that center that you will find the main attractions and the fanciest streets: the Opera, the Rathaus, the History of Art Museum, and the Habsburgs Palace, to name a few. The city center is also the location of the fanciest stores, the most famous coffee houses and nearly everything that makes Vienna so well known. Yet, naturally, staying a few steps close to all these attractions has a price, which is not cheap at all. Most of the luxurious hotels are located in this area and there aren’t many inexpensive options.

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Leopoldstadt – District 2

This area of Vienna is inhabited by immigrants since a long time ago. Nowadays, young couples also live in this area. It is close to the center, but separated by the Danubio canal. You can quickly reach the main touristic attractions after a short walk or using the subway.

I stayed in this region, at MEININGER Hotel Wien Downtown Franz. I was glad to stay in this area because the prices of the hotels and restaurants are much more affordable there and I could find many bars and parks, which makes this a pleasant choice that still allows you to avoid larger numbers of tourists.

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Wieden – District 4

Wieden is a small neighborhood south to Opernring and is as fancy, busy and central as Innerstadt. The best accommodation area there is at Karlsplatz, a historic square around Karlskirche church. When I was in Vienna, that square was crowded, had many small stands and live music. Of course, the closer you are to Karlsplatz, the more expensive the hotels.

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Landstrasse – District

The Landstrasse neighborhood occupies a huge area near the center and has all the charm of the Imperial Vienna, with parks, palaces and churches. The main attraction of this area is the Belvedere Palace, a museum that hosts the biggest collection of Klint’s work of art. Vienna’s main train station is also located in this area. The accommodation costs are not too expensive, but you will need to use the public transport system to visit all the other places.

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Mariahilf e Neubau – Districts 6 and 7

Those are two neighboring areas where you can find some interesting attractions, such as the Quarter Museum, or the “Museums block”, the Naschmarkt markets, which sell fruits, fresh vegetables, cheese and other fresh goods, and the Flohmarkt, where you can find antiquities. Those areas also offer many bars, coffee houses and theaters. In other words, they attract a younger audience and the prices can be friendlier. There is a good public transport system offer in the area and it is possible to walk until the center.

Check all the accommodation options in Mariahilf and Neubau

Where to stay in Vienna: other options

streets in vienna, austria

The Austrian capital has many other accommodation options, besides the ones listed in this post. Check out on the map:


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